- Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR), Germany,
  (On-Load Tap changers for Power Transformers)

- August Krempel & Söhne, Germany)
  (Electrical Insulation Material for Motor- and Transformer-Production)
- ASP, France,
  (Off-Load Tap Changers)

- Essex Nexans L+K, Germany-France,
  (Cables, Enamelled Copper Wires)

- KME Europe Metal AG, Germany-France-Spain)
  (Copper Strips for Transformer Cores)

- SOFILEC, France,
  (Paper Insulated Copper Wires for Transformers)

- Gebauer & Griller, Austria,
  (Rectangular Copper Wires for Transformers)

- Corus International, UK,
  (Electrical Steel/Silicon Steel)
- Krüger & Sohn, Germany,
  (Electrical Insulation Material for Transformers)

- ABB-Pucaro, Germany,
  (Electrical Insulation Material for Transformers and Motors)
- Demas Kablo, Turkey,
  (LV- and MV-Cables)

- Siemens A & D, Germany,
  (Motors, Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Protection)

- Siemens PTD, Germany,
  (Transformers, RMU`s, Switchgears)
- Schneider Electric, France-Germany,
  (Transformers, RMU`s, Switch Gears, Substations, Circuit Breakers)
- SGB, Germany,
  (Power Transformers)

- ABB, Germany,
  (Circuit Breakers, Protection Equipment)

- EMB, Germany,
  (Control- and Switch-Boards)
- Energy Support, Germany-UK-USA
  (Gas Chromatograph, Mettler Testing Equipment)

- Baur Pruef- und Messtechnik, Austria,
  (Electrical Testing Equipment)

- ABZ, Germany,
  (Power Generators)

- Saft, Sweden-Germany,
- Ritz Messwandler, Germany,
  (Current- and Voltage-Transformers)

- Raychem/Tyco, Germany-USA,
  (Cable Accessories)

- Telesplicing, Taiwan,
  (Cable Accessories)
- CompAir, Germany,
  (Air Compressors)

- Ingersoll Rand, Germany/UK,
  (Air- and Gas-Compressors)

- Kobelco, USA-Mexico,
  (Air- and Gas-Compressors)
- Axima, Germany,
  (Cooling Compressors)

- Loos, Germany,
  (Steam Boilers)

- Sterling Sihi, Germany,
(LPG Pumps)
- Allweiler, Germany,
  (Lubrication Pumps, Water Pumps)

- Grundfos, Denmark,
  (Water Pumps)

- Rickmeier, Germany,
  (Lubrication Pumps)

- Leistritz, Germany,
  (Greasing Pumps)

- Kamat Pumps, Germany,
  (High Pressure Pumps)

- Flowserve, UK,
  (Valves for Oil- and Gas-Pipelines)
- STA, Germany,
  (Oil Field Equipment)

- Berkefeld Filter, Germany
  (Water Treatment Plants)

- mft Membran Filtrations Technik, Germany,
  (RO- Desalination Plants)

- Passavant Roediger, Germany,
  (Sewage Systems)

- Ingut, Germany,
  (Waste Recycling, Waste Composting)

- Ministry of Industries
- Ministry of Electricity
- Ministry of Oil
- Modern Trade Agencies (Agent)
- STC, Spezialized Manufacturing Trading & Consulting (Importers & Contractors)
- Al Jarrah Company (Importers)
- Babil - MECO - Iftikhar (Contractors)
- Kassim A-Abdul Ridha (Contractor)

Saudi Arabia:
- SEC (State Electricity Company)
- Al Quraishi Electrical Services Company

United Arab Emirates:
- United Power Technology

- Jemiss / Al Barq (Manufacturer and Contractor)
- IID (Manufacturer and Contractor)
- MECO Trading Company (Subsidiary)
- Electro Energy Investment Company (Contractor)

- Sense Engineering Co. Ltd. (Agent)

- Salem M. Mana (Agent)

- PAK Elektron Ltd. (Producer)

- Suman Exports (Producer)

- Metals Shanghai (Trader)

- NEFTE TESS Technology (Contractor)
- SoyuzNefte GAZ - RD (Contractor)